Clippie Clothes Hanger

Product Design Launch

About This Project

‘Clippie’ is the brainchild of design engineer Stephen Sawyer. It is a clothes hanger redesigned to be anti-tangle, fully recyclable and eco-friendly, with the aim of reducing the huge plastic waste problem caused by conventional hangers.

We worked with Stephen on creating an animated video to first introduce Clippie and tell the story of the ever increasing problems associated with clothes hangers as waste products.

From there we designed and built the website with the aim of introducing the product and drawing in public interest, as well as building up a mailing list to inform interested parties of the product launch.

Clippie has been prototyped, patented and backed by Innovate UK – a UK government department – and is awaiting full production.


:: Bespoke, responsive WordPress website, product, multimedia, innovation, design.
Product Launch, Web design


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